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Original Gait Harness System                                                       
“The GHS has allowed our program to be very challenging, efficient, and safe at the same time. Many of the higher level activities would require two or three staff members if it were not for the GHS. I cannot say enough about the ease of use and its ability to reduce the fear of falling.”
William Thornton, MPT, Lead Physical Therapist, The Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery®, Rehab Institute of Michigan, Detroit MI

 Discover the Original Gait Harness System®  - GHS1000

Over many years, the Second Step Gait Harness System® has met healthcare needs in multiple user environments, saving you time, effort, and money. All GHS models allow individuals to perform standing or walking activities in a safe, effective environment, encouraging more healthy recovery results. 

The Original GHS was designed primarily for the clinical environment. The System was produced with a standard width forearm support top, which allows clients to have greater reciprocal arm movement during therapy. The original GHS casters provide effortless mobility throughout, and allow you to easily move the GHS 360 degrees, in any direction, over indoor surfaces.  

The Original GHS model has 2 locking brake casters, an automatic front braking system, an horizontal adjustable Gait Harness suspension system, a set of standard small, medium and large Gait Harnesses, and easy height adjustment. ALL GHS models accommodate wheelchair and scooter transfers. 

The Original GHS is no longer in production, having been eclipsed by the New Gait Harness System II.  Purchasers of the Original GHS are still supported by our customer care and clinical support teams.



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