What better gift to give, than the gift of walking again?
Nothing makes our day more than hearing your success stories using the Second Step Gait Harness System. Our client Lynn shared the inspiring story of her father Vincent, and gave us her permission to share their family’s joy at his recovery with all of you.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas

to all! Miracles do happen.
“My 84-year-old Dad, Vincent, is a US Air Force veteran who served active duty during the Korean War.
“1 year and 4 months after surgery to remove his brain tumor, my Dad was able to move his legs, but was still unable to balance or stand. Because of his balance issues after surgery, he was stuck in a wheelchair.
“My family and I were convinced my Dad could walk again, and he really wanted to. We decided to get the Second Step Gait Harness System for him.
“After my Dad used this Second Step walker, he started to walk after not being able to for almost a year and a half.
“He only used Second Step 4 times then was able to walk 😊!”
“Before using the Second Step, my Dad couldn’t stand at all.
“Even though he had a little setback recently due to hurting his ribs, and is a bit unbalanced right now, we feel the Second Step walker, plus his attendants motivating him, and his physical therapy, all helped get dad to walk again, with God’s help…
“When his ribs heal in a few weeks, we plan on using this Second Step walker to reinvigorate and re-balance him further. It will be great to get his balance stronger again.
“I really feel that this walker was what gave Dad the balanced feeling that finally made him able to remind his mind and body how to walk again.”
“That made us all choked up with joy and even had my neighbor happily crying seeing him walk again, finally!
“His being able to stand and walk again, even if with a walker on and off, made it worth the investment.
“My family… my sister and his siblings and my cousins and friends, all feel like he is a miracle man. It is a miracle that he’s able to stand and walk again at all.
“I feel Second Step was in large part instrumental in that miracle 😊 .”
“Thanks so much for your kindness and assistance! And for this invention.
“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, your family and all of your staff, with our gratitude!!!
As shared by Lynn J., Brooklyn NY, daughter of brain surgery survivor
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