Evidence-Based practice confirms: Gait Harness System safely helps people learn to stand and walk again
Below enjoy feedback Gait Harness System caregivers have shared regarding loved one’s dynamic functional recoveries whenlearning to stand and walk again post experiencing a disabling condition, illness, accident, or injury.
Our caregivers are convinced the Second Step GHS offers features and benefits which exceed a standing frame, a walking frame, a gait trainer, or a walker.
Each user has individual goals, individual issues, and individual situations. Our goal is to make help make walking again, for those who need it, a reality.

“The GHSII unit is quite stable, but it pushes Adan to engage his own core (unlike the Body Weight Support treadmill he has used in the past). I like the harness. It fits well and it is easy to connect to the unit. The braking function is excellent for resting and adds stability for standing tasks. It is definitely not too structured. It gives plenty of room for the user to move in a way that is natural and functional. It frees the therapists to work with him rather than support him, but having his upper body open unsupported is requiring him to relearn some fundamentals of functional gait. Recently, Adan has begun using the new hand hold accessory, and really likes it. We are both advocates of the Second Step product and see the benefit he has derived from daily home use. There are aspects of his stroke that are not as visible as walking and are not as straightforward to address, but this is something that Adan can attack head on. He has proven that he is willing to do the hard work, and when he faces walls, he finds ways over them. My job as wife and partner is to locate and hold the ladder.”
-Karen M., wife of post stroke survivor, Austin TX
“My 84-year-old Dad, Vincent, is a US Air Force veteran who served active duty during the Korean War. 1 year and 4 months after surgery to remove a brain tumor, my Dad was able to move his legs, but was still unable to balance or stand. Because of his balance issues after surgery, he was wheelchair bound. My family and I were convinced my Dad could walk again, and he really wanted to. After my Dad used this Second Step walker, he started to walk after not being able to for almost a year and a half. He only used Second Step 4x then was able to walk! Before using the Second Step, my Dad couldn’t stand at all. Even though he had a little setback recently due to hurting his ribs, and is a bit unbalanced right now, we feel the Second Step walker, plus his attendants motivating him, and his physical therapy, all helped get dad to walk again, with God’s help…when his ribs heal in a few weeks, we plan on using this Second Step walker to reinvigorate and rebalance him further. It will be great to get his balance stronger again. I really feel that this walker was what gave Dad the balanced feeling that finally made him able to remind his mind and body how to walk again. That made us all choked up with joy and even had my neighbor happily crying seeing him walk again, finally! His being able to stand and walk again, even if with a walker on and off, made it worth the investment. My family… my sister and his siblings and my cousins and friends, all feel like he is a miracle man. It is a miracle that he’s able to stand and walk again at all. I feel Second Step was in large part instrumental in that miracle Thanks so much for your kindness and assistance! And for this invention.”
-Lynn J., daughter of brain surgery survivor, Brooklyn NY
“My son T. has been using the GHSII at his assisted living facility for the past two years, two sessions a week. The System allows his PT to work with him in a standing position, which he enjoys. This machine is wonderful. It is a truly a Godsend!”
– Lois K., mother of TBI survivor, Branford CT
“We are so thankful to Second Step for producing this wonderful equipment that gives L. the opportunity to work at walking. Without it, we wouldn’t have any way to help her. Helping her get into it and out of it is getting easier for my husband and for me. My husband and I are sure the GHSII is the best investment my sister L. can make in her continuing effort to walk again. We believe she will be able to walk sooner because she has the GHSII in her home. She is spending time in it every evening. Thanks for always going “the second mile” for L. and for us. You are wonderful! Your company is wonderful! Best wishes!”
-Janice T., sister of post spinal surgery survivor, Austin TX
“I have a tremendous respect for the work you do and wish you nothing but continued success. It’s comforting, at the very least, to know that even 3,000 miles away, there are still kind, caring people out there who understand what one encounters in caring for a disabled loved one. Your product is ingenious and should receive more accolades.”
-Scott A., son of father with stroke, orthopedic & SCI issues, Staten Island NY
“My son James has developmental disabilities, and goes to a day treatment center. He is happy to finally be on his feet. The Gait Harness System is opening up a whole new world for him.”
-Sandra R., mother of DD survivor, Anaheim CA

“The gait trainer I received for my Dad is working beautifully! I have a friend that needs one for her 6’4” father, and I’m referring you to her to you. ”
-Edna L., OTR, daughter of SCI survivor, Mission TX
“My son was standing for 45 minutes in the GHSII, with his KAFOs on, the first day we received it. He had no fear of falling, and was very comfortable. He hasn’t been standing in a long time, and we can see how much this is going to help him. He’s excited!”
-Elayne W., mother of SCI survivor, St. Louis MO
“We got Mom in the GHSII today and had her standing about a dozen times for up to 20 seconds. Without the GHSII, she is only able to stand for 10 second intervals. Her physiotherapist loves it. He can now get her to stand and then he can be checking her knees, etc. It is so much more productive. Mom is absolutely thrilled.”
-Tina S., daughter of post stroke survivor, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
“Here is A. at the BIAMI Conference test driving the Second Step GHSII. We loved it when he stood up so TALL and straight. The outdoor picture is A. walking in the local CROP Walk. This unit is so much more stable than the equipment we tried from a different company. A. has progressed so well, he has now graduated to a rollator. Thank you!”
-Myke B., mother of TBI survivor, Muskegon MI
“We purchased the Gait Harness System II a couple of years ago. It has been wonderfully helpful to my dad to strengthen his muscles and get him walking again. I am happy to say that he progressed beyond the GHSII and can now walk with a walker. We are so grateful for all that the harness system had helped my dad accomplish.”
-Nicole G., daughter of SCI survivor, Northborough MA
“Your videos of brain injured folks, like my son, using the GHS brings tears to my eyes because it reminds us to never give up and to keep trying new things.”
-Bonnie P., mother of TBI survivor, Eugene OR
“My husband had a brain aneurysm 11 years ago, when he was just 21 years old, followed by multiple strokes. I do daily therapy with him at home. He tried different equipment pieces at his clinic, but they all cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. He loves how the Gait Harness fits him, and is doing great.”
-Malissa R., wife of BI and post stroke survivor, Alma AR

“Clay is doing great, already showing improvement in his endurance and his steps are getting smoother. I want to thank you for all you have done to help us. Sometimes good people find themselves in positions they never in a million years thought they would be in, and thank God there are still caring and compassionate people like you who are still willing to help someone when they can. Your kindness was a blessing to me and Clay. Thanks again.”
-Deputy Amanda C., wife of Deputy Clay C., TBI survivor, Green Cove Springs FL
“With all of M.’s ongoing medical issues, using the Gait Harness System has been the ONE thing which has seemed to help him. We are so glad we have it.”
-Kay T., fiancée of acquired brain injury survivor, Redondo Beach CA
“My 79-year-old husband had a stroke 7 months ago, and a complete knee replacement 7 weeks ago. Without a doubt, the safety feature using the harness in the ambulator gives him complete confidence in case he has to rest or loses his balance. He is able to walk and use his legs, hips, shoulders and arms as naturally as possible.”
– Rose Rodriguez, wife of post stroke survivor, Tampa FL
“I appreciate your product. May you continue to help those in need.”
– Allan C., child of Parkinson’s Disease survivor, Phoenix AZ
“It is marvelous product and I wish you well. Your mission is noble.”
– Lesa M., child of post stroke survivor, New York City NY
“Thank you so much for your prompt response to my inquiry on the Second Step and continuing with such outstanding support. It’s been a struggle in these past years following our granddaughter’s stroke, to find people who can provide us with answers/support. I feel the Second Step system might be our best bet for my granddaughter! Thank you again, and I know that in your assistance, she will soon be another success story for Second Step!”
– Patti H., grandmother of congenital heart defect/post stroke survivor, Wichita KS

“I am so impressed with this product and really want to share it with other Rehab friends. Thank you for all your help.”
– Cleo S. RN, CRRN, CCM, parent of TBI survivor, Traverse City MI
“Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me! I appreciate it greatly. I am very excited about the Gait Harness System II. I am so impressed with everything about your company and the Second Step Gait Harness System!!! What a fabulous product! Thanks so much again. I am so encouraged by the Gait Harness System II!!!!”
– Gene B., child of post stroke/orthopedic issue survivor, Quincy MA
“We are so excited to be going home to the Gait Harness…This has been a great year for S.’s recovery, little steps forward, but forward he goes…never the less…Thanks for everything.”
– Joy G., mother of post stroke/Locked-In-Syndrome survivor, Queensland Australia
“We are impressed at the logic, simplicity and engineering of the GHS. It certainly seems to be superior to the “Lite Gait” device which is apparently sold here in Hong Kong.”
– David R., son-in-law of post stroke survivor, Hong Kong China
“I just wanted to check in and let you know how much Art loves his Second Step.”
– Kristen W., wife of post stroke survivor, Shrewsbury MA
“Whatever it costs—it’s worth it.”
– Frankie.B., mother of SCI survivor, New York NY

“So glad we decided to purchase the GHSII for my wife K. – the videos on your web site are inspirational and in my wife’s context will hopefully assist in achieving her goal of being able to once again walk. The Gait Harness System safely arrived today. Assembly was simple – did this while watching the video. Looking forward to trying my wife in it with our Physiotherapist tomorrow. Thanks for your assistance I and will let you know how we go.”
– Robert C., husband of BI survivor, Victoria Australia
“Thank you for all of your help (for us and others) to help people with disabilities. The walker is getting easier to use as we work more with it. Thanks again.”
– Mike S., husband of post stroke survivor, Freeport TX
“After his stroke, we have been using the Gait Harness System with our 43 year-old son Joseph to train him in walking with his full weight on his feet. It will take him a long time to learn to walk by himself, even with a walker. But with the GHS, he can develop his movement safely.”
– Richard L., parent of post stroke survivor, Medina OH
“Our son was injured in 1982. He had a closed head injury, a damaged cerebellum, and is partially paralyzed on one side. He has a history of falling when using conventional walkers. Jr. has used more computerized version of walking equipment, but he prefers the more streamlined design of the GHS. We also like the portability of the GHS, as Jr. lives at an adult care home during the week, and comes home on weekends. Jr. really looks forward to working with this device every day, and we have several therapists who are eager to help him with it.”
– Dolores L., mother of TBI survivor, Spring TX
“I am so happy we could purchase this directly from you. It arrived yesterday. I can’t wait! It looks fantastic. Thanks so much for everything.”
– Sonya E., mother of TBI survivor, New South Wales Australia
The Second Step Gait Harness System II(GHSII) is a unique, all-in-one standing frame and walking frame, providing safety, ease of use, comfort, security, and great versatility. When donning the Gait Harness and supported within the GHSII, the user cannot fall.
GHS products help:
· improve balance
· increase stability
· improve muscle strength
· increase core & trunk control
· improve circulation
· promote bone & musculoskeletal health
· improve range of motion
· increase independence
· improve positive therapy outcomes
· support faster recoveries
We believe the GHSII provides greater versatility than any standing frame, walking frame, standing walker or gait trainer. See our Product Demonstration Gallery

to see how the GHSII works.

If you are ready to step forward and learn to walk again in a more natural way, we stand ready to help.
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it Harness System (GHS) and NEW Gait Harness System II (GHSII).

Since 1989 the Second Step GHS has been the durable standard of excellence in commercial grade rehab standing frame and walking frame equipment.
The System provides new therapy opportunities to walk again, even for those who have not walked in years, helping people regain healthy functioning after stroke, brain injury, cerebellar degeneration, spinal cord injury, orthopedic, neurological, lower extremity amputation, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other ambulation, gait and balance rehabilitation issues. The GHS is more than just a standing frame, walking frame, gait trainer or walker.
The GHS is used world-wide not only in outpatient and inpatient clinics, but also in the home, with both indoor and outdoor applications.
Discover how Second Step is “Helping People Walk Again” by keeping users, caregivers and practitioners safe, and simultaneously facilitating healthy, functional therapy outcomes.
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