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We pride ourselves on doing one thing, and doing it well.

Second Step has been manufacturing specialized standing and walking frame equipment since 1989.

Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on our personal approach.

We believe that passion drives purpose, which is why we have devoted our lives to helping people walk again with the Second Step Gait Harness System (GHS).

  • 375 lb. max patient weight

  • 6’7” max patient height

  • Multi-directional caster adult base

  • Standard Forearm Support Top

  • Set of Small, Medium and Large Gait Harnesses

  • Open design for easy transfers from supine, seated or standing position

  • Forward, open side, or lateral facing design

  • Shipped fully assembled, ready for immediate use

  • Practitioner’s GHS designed for multiple user, over ground training for inpatient and outpatient settings


How can the Second Step Gait Harness System II help someone stand and walk again?

Since 1989, the Second Step Gait Harness System has met healthcare needs in multiple user environments, saving you time, effort, and money. All GHS models allow individuals to perform over ground standing and walking activities in a safe, effective environment, encouraging more healthy recovery results.

A specialized, all-in-one standing and walking frame, the GHS Gait Harness helps achieve proper postural positioning, and horizontal support suspension of the client’s trunk when they are in an upright orientation. The System also provides the dynamic weight-bearing and weight-shifting needed when the client is learning to walk again with a more natural gait pattern and easier stepping.

The System is used in inpatient, outpatient, acute, sub-acute, VAMC, hospital, SNF, ALF, residential group home, and day treatment program facilities which must address the broad spectrum of therapy needs presented by their client populations.

The new GHS for Practitioners has many quality features which make it uniquely different from other therapy equipment  you have seen or used.

Commercial, clinical grade, FDA registered. The GHS is commercial grade equipment, designed to last more than 10 years. Many clients use their System every day, or multiple times a day, throughout their recovery.

Moves easily between rooms. The widest point of the GHS is the forearm support top, which is approximately 31”, allowing for easy transition between rooms and hallways.

Transfers are safe and easy from seated, supine, or standing positions. All GHS models accommodate standard wheelchair and scooter transfers, hospital bedside and mat table transfers, and transfers with the client who is able to stand for short periods. Contact us  if you would like to see our transfer technique video.

Standard Forearm Support Top frame.

The new System for Practitioners has a standard wide forearm support top, which allows for more reciprocal arm movement, and accommodates small, medium and large sized clients.

The support top frame features two telescoping columns to make height adjustments between clients easy, balanced, and more stable.

Forward and posterior position in the Forearm Support Tops. The client may face forward into the U-shaped frame, or to the open-side, facing the reverse, posterior position. Facing the open side is great solution for those who want to learn to walk again with open visual and physical access to the environment.

Additionally, posterior positioning is a natural progression towards independent movement. The optional Hand Hold Set Accessory can be moved anywhere along the inside or outside arm rests of either forearm support top, to whichever position best matches the client’s needs.

Full set of adult Gait Harnesses. Ordering Practitioners receive a set of small, medium and large adult Gait Harnesses with their GHS order. Gait Harnesses provide a more natural padded, pliable, snug, and secure trunk support, without rigid, restrictive, or uncomfortable bracing.

Adjustable, horizontal Gait Harness support suspension system. All GHS models have a patented, safe, comfortable support of the client via Gait Harness secure connection to the four adjustable support straps. The orientation of the client within the System ensures proper postural positioning.  Contact us  for more information on how the support straps adjust to the client during transfers in and out of the System.

Base frame provides optimal stability. Over ground, our base frame provides the greatest stability of any standing frame, walking frame or gait trainer. Base width and length provide extra steadiness for those who need it, and allow for safe wheelchair and bedside transfers. Our base frame provides exceptional functionality and support in indoor and outdoor settings, with improved casters and time-tested features.

Indoor and outdoor use. Clients learn to walk again outdoors in more natural, real world environments. The System may be used indoors or outdoors, on any level, finished surface. Contact us if you have specific questions about your indoor flooring surface or potential outdoor use of the GHS.

Foot-actuated Steer casters. The new multi-directional, foot-actuated casters provide effortless mobility throughout. The practitioner may lock the two green “steer” multi-directional casters to restrict movement to an inline, linear direction. This helps clients learn to walk again in a straight line, and eliminate drifting sideways. Many clients with hemi-paresis, seizures, ataxia or other balance issues find the inline orientation useful at their early stages of learning to walk again.

Release the multi-directional locks on the two green “steer” casters for free, 360 degree  movement in any direction.

Foot-actuated Brake casters and client controlled braking system. All GHS models have two braking systems. The first is the foot-actuated, red “brake” casters, controlled by the  practitioner. Brake casters are engaged during transfers, and if the client is using the GHS as a stationary standing frame.

The second braking system is controlled by the client. This is an automatic, weight-activated front braking system, initiated by the two vertical braking pegs at the front of the base frame. When the client removes weight from their feet, they will be supported in a comfortable, semi-seated resting position. The client’s downward weight shift engages the spring-loaded braking pegs to the flooring surface, helping keep the System from moving during client rest breaks. The caregiver or practitioner may provide extra braking assistance by resting their foot on the padded front bar of the base frame.

Portable. The System base frame and forearm support separate for easy transport in van, SUV, or pickup truck. Contact us if you have specific questions about GHS product dimensions.

Shipped fully assembled, ready for immediate use.

Learn more Features and Benefits

Gait Harness System product acquisition is an investment in the user’s recovery process. GHS products and accessories are therapy tools, useful for clients learning to stand and walk again, working through a broad range of user challenges. GHS products are not designed to treat or cure any issue, condition or disease.  All leases, lease-to-owns, layaways, and sales are final. Clients are always advised to consult with the intended user’s doctor or health care provider regarding health-related questions, assessments, and recommendations, including addressing the user’s specific medical issues, limitations, or needs.

Take a Stand and Walk Again

Joe Millen MPT shows features and benefits of working with clients in the Second Step Gait Harness System. He demonstrates the GHS’s unique support, safety features, and how easy it is to move freely over ground.

Walking in a more natural way

“I have a group of patients at a facility who were all told they would never walk again—after using the Gait Harness System, only two now use a wheelchair as their primary locomotion. I use the GHS daily with almost all my patients. The unique harness is extremely comfortable, works very well with the braces, and reduces the number of seated rest breaks with any standing activity. The GHS allows for reinforcement of newly learned gait patterns, in a real-world situation. Many of the higher-level activities would require two or three staff members if it were not for the GHS. I cannot say enough about the ease of use and its ability to reduce the fear of falling.”

– William Thornton MPT, Level 11 Physical Therapy Clinics founder, Holly MI

The GHS provides a safe and effective environment for transfers, standing, gait and exercise when partial or full weight bearing is desired.

A specialized, dynamic all-in-one standing and walking frame, the Gait Harness System II unite proper client positioning with dynamic weight-bearing and weight-shifting needed for a more natural gait pattern and easier stepping.

The Second Step GHS is a client-centered system. The client is properly positioned to walk well and progress quicker, because the natural movements of the body during gait are accommodated.

Because the System is dynamic, it allows significant flexibility by encouraging normal gait and rhythmic motion in walking patterns for those learning to walk again. The System provides lateral and vertical movement plus dynamic body weight support.

It is important to invest in the proper equipment for your needs. GHS users understand recovery takes time, and want commercial grade equipment which will help them in the long haul.

Our clients report the GHS is far easier, and more comfortable to use, than other equipment.

Through the principles of motor learning and neuroplasticity we can see partial to complete recovery of lost functions. Clinical evidence-based practice supports the Second Step Gait Harness Sytem II as a necessary adjunct to standing and walking recovery.

Purchasing a GHS is an investment in health, quality of life, and longevity. Our clients look for a commitment which will pay off.

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