Who can be helped by the GHS?
Second Step products are used to rehabilitate people with balance and coordination deficits, and those with frequent falls.
The clients who come to us have a primary goal of regaining their ability to stand and walk again, safely, and more independently.
The GHS is intended for people who have walking and standing challenges due to widely divergent medical conditions, including, but not limited to:
Stroke Brain injury Spinal cord injury Developmental disabilityMultiple sclerosisNeurological disorders Orthopaedic issuesLower extremity amputation
Since 1989, the GHS has been used successfully worldwide in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, group homes, in- and outpatient clinics, acute and sub-acute care units, VAMCs, VA poly-trauma units, sports training centers, educational institutions, and with home users.
GHS versatility allows for easy adaption to the myriad of needs a client presents.
Our Video Gallery spotlights personal stories of walking recovery shared with us by some of our many clients, caregivers, and practitioners. Browse survivor specific Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Orthopaedic and Product Demonstration galleries.
People working through a wide variety of standing and walking challenges experience stronger, faster recoveries, and better psychological and physical health using the GHS.

Factors tending toward best outcomes
Before initiating a standing and walking program with the GHS, the user should obtain medical clearance/medical stabilityUser/caregiver do not wait until it is “too late” to stave off progressive declineUser/caregiver have coordinated adequate caregiver and/or therapist support and assistance to ensure proper use and successful utilization of GHS featuresUser and caregiver have high motivation, patience, positive attitude, commitment and follow through to work through the course of a standing and walking program

Do 100% of all standing and walking problems get solved with the GHS?
Walking, and learning how to walk again following disabling event, is a complex, three-dimensional function.
Results vary and are not guaranteed.
Gait Harness System product acquisition is an investment in the user’s long-term recovery process. GHS products and accessories are therapy tools, useful for clients learning to stand and walk again, working through a broad range of user challenges.
GHS products are not designed to treat or cure any issue, condition or disease. Clients are always advised to consult with the intended user’s doctor or health care provider regarding health-related questions, assessments, and recommendations, including addressing the user’s specific medical issues, limitations, or needs.

Who invests in the GHS?
Purchasing a GHS is an investment in health. If you’re concerned about cost, remember that an investment in fall prevention and walking safety is an investment in the independence of you, your loved one, or your patient.
Our clients look for a commitment which will pay off. A typical client who purchases the GHS does so after completing thorough research and comparing many pieces of equipment.
Based upon the combination of features and the quality of construction, the GHS offers specific benefits unavailable from any other device and methods.
Our clients conclude that the GHS is the right choice for them after considering the values of ease of use for the practitioner, caregiver, and user; safety; comfort; product durability; versatility; portability; indoor and outdoor use; and easy maneuverability.
Our clients place a high value on creating greater independence for the practitioner, caregiver, and user; promoting healthy recovery; getting efficient recovery results; and having options for diverse utilizations as the user progresses through individual levels of rehab and recovery.
Because the GHS offers new opportunities to recover and may help users who have been unable to progress in therapy programs, it presents a new energy and purpose in doing therapy for those learning to stand again and walk again.

What can I do if I am told that trying to stand and walk again is a waste of time?
Get a second opinion and share the facts with your practitioners. It is a biological, human need to be up and moving.
There are many benefits of standing: improved range of motion through the lower extremities, increased bone density and hip stability, and systemic organ health.
There are many benefits of walking: beyond standing, walking increases muscle tone and strength with dynamic weight bearing, maintains whole body health, extends life span, and bolsters quality of life. Walking also plays an important role in cognitive brain functioning.
The stability and support of the Gait Harness System II for Home Users gives the client the opportunity to practice standing and walking not only in the clinic but at home.
Practicing standing and walking again in a home enriched or outdoor environment for extended periods, daily (or multiple times daily), both in early and extended phases of intervention helps reinforce and maintain gains made in the clinic.
Practicing increased walking speeds, within the safety support of the GHSII, can predict the level of community ambulation and quality of life achieved.
Results suggest that home exercise, with appropriate walking frame equipment such as the Gait Harness System II, is a more pragmatic form of therapy with fewer risks.
Most importantly, it is your life, and your future. Research all possibilities to explore your best options to stand and walk again.
We believe the GHSII provides greater versatility than any standing frame, walking frame, standing walker or gait trainer. Visit our Product Demonstration Gallery

to see how the System works.

If you are ready to step forward and learn to walk again in a more natural way, we stand ready to help.
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it Harness System (GHS) and NEW Gait Harness System II (GHSII).

Since 1989 the Second Step GHS has been the durable standard of excellence in commercial grade rehab standing frame and walking frame equipment.
The System provides new therapy opportunities to walk again, even for those who have not walked in years, helping people regain healthy functioning after stroke, brain injury, cerebellar degeneration, spinal cord injury, orthopedic, neurological, lower extremity amputation, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other ambulation, gait and balance rehabilitation issues. The GHS is more than just a standing frame, walking frame, gait trainer or walker.
The GHS is used world-wide not only in outpatient and inpatient clinics, but also in the home, with both indoor and outdoor applications.
Discover how Second Step is “Helping People Walk Again” by keeping users, caregivers and practitioners safe, and simultaneously facilitating healthy, functional therapy outcomes.
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