Gait Harness System II Design Features:

Open, streamlined frame design. The user is securely and comfortably centered in the patented U-shaped frame. The user may face open side, closed side, or sideways allowing for maximum freedom during all activities.Standard or Double Wide Forearm Support Top – Optional Hand Hold Set Accessory

Multi-directional casters provide locked inline or free movement, encouraging effortless maneuverability and freedom for the patient.Locking braking casters engage for transfers and standing activitiesAutomatic front braking system, controlled by userRemovable, washable padding

Gait Harness connects to forearm support top via patented, horizontal suspension system
Home users receive special-made, adjustable Gait Harness
Practitioners receive small, medium & large adult Gait Harness SetThe user is comfortably & securely supported in patented Gait Harness, with no groin impingement

Accommodates wheelchair, scooter, mat table & bedside transfers
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Easy height adjustment, fitting users up to 6’7” and up to 375 lbs

High grade stainless steel constructionLifetime warranty against defectFDA registeredShipped fully assembled, ready for immediate use
Gait Harness System II Design Benefits:

Keeps everyone safe: Practitioners, Caregivers & Users
Accommodates users with a broad range of abilities, in a variety of settings, ranging from acute in-patient to home environments

Used in the clinic, and in the home, for therapy reinforcement to speed optimal user recoveryAllows user to perform standing or walking activities in a secure, effective environmentProven to get healthy results & improve positive therapy outcomesPortable, gets users back on their feet again in indoor and outdoor real world, over-ground surfacesReduces the number of “hands” required to support users during transferProvides productive mobility, moving with the userCaregivers, practitioners & users do not have to wrestle with awkward, heavy or resistant equipmentUsers have increased control, and easy maneuverability of System ,with an obstruction-free view of the horizonGHSII is lightweight and straightforward to use

Users are protected from falling; they may sit and rest comfortably in the Gait Harness, as needed, improving confidence and willingness to participate in therapy

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it Harness System (GHS) and NEW Gait Harness System II (GHSII).

Since 1989 the Second Step GHS has been the durable standard of excellence in commercial grade rehab standing frame and walking frame equipment.
The System provides new therapy opportunities to walk again, even for those who have not walked in years, helping people regain healthy functioning after stroke, brain injury, cerebellar degeneration, spinal cord injury, orthopedic, neurological, lower extremity amputation, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other ambulation, gait and balance rehabilitation issues. The GHS is more than just a standing frame, walking frame, gait trainer or walker.
The GHS is used world-wide not only in outpatient and inpatient clinics, but also in the home, with both indoor and outdoor applications.
Discover how Second Step is “Helping People Walk Again” by keeping users, caregivers and practitioners safe, and simultaneously facilitating healthy, functional therapy outcomes.
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