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Since 1989, we have had a passion and mission to help people learn to walk again with the Gait Harness System (GHS).
Over the past 30 years, we have been thankful, inspired, and fulfilled when clients, caregivers and practitioners tell us how using the Gait Harness System is changing lives.
The 100+ testimonials stand witness to this fact. Second Step’s Gait Harness System is helping clients achieve their individual goals of safely and securely learning to stand and walk again.
No other therapy equipment company has received as many client, caregiver and practitioner testimonials as Second Step.

Woman using Gait Harness System outdoors in garden

“We are both advocates of the Second Step product and see the benefit he has derived from daily home use.”

The Gait Harness System unit is quite stable, and it pushes Adan to engage his own core (unlike the Body Weight Support treadmill he has used in the past).
I like the harness because it fits well and it is easy to connect to the unit. And the braking function is excellent for resting and adds stability for standing tasks. It is definitely not too structured. The GHS gives plenty of room for the user to move in a way that is natural and functional.
The System frees the therapists to work with him rather than support him, but having his upper body open unsupported is requiring him to relearn some fundamentals of functional gait.
Recently, Adan has begun using the new hand hold accessory, and really likes it. So, we are both advocates of the Second Step product and see the benefit he has derived from daily home use.
There are aspects of his stroke that are not as visible as walking and are not as straightforward to address, but this is something that Adan can attack head on. He has proven that he is willing to do the hard work. When he faces walls, he finds ways over them. My job as wife and partner is to locate and hold the ladder.
Karen M., wife of post stroke survivor, Austin TX
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Man using Gait Harness System as assisted living facility

“The unique harness is extremely comfortable.”

I have a group of patients at a facility who were all told they would never walk again. After using the Gait Harness System, only two now use a wheelchair as their primary locomotion.
We use the GHS daily with almost all our patients. I have had great success using the System with and without braces with tetras and paras of all levels.
Because the unique harness is extremely comfortable, it works very well with the braces. And it reduces the number of seated rest breaks with any standing activity. The GHS allows for reinforcement of newly learned gait patterns, in a real-world situation.
Therefore, the Gait Harness System has allowed our program to be very challenging, efficient, and safe at the same time. Many of the higher level activities would require two or three staff members if it were not for the Gait Harness System. I cannot say enough about the ease of use and its ability to reduce the fear of falling.
William Thornton MPT, Level 11 Physical Therapy Clinics founder, Holly MI
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Physical Therapist demonstrating the Gait Harness System

“…happy to be on my feet again.”

I served our country, active duty, during the Korean War. After badly healed fractures in my leg, my ribs, and my arm kept me in bed at a nursing home for six months. I was told I shouldn’t expect to walk again.
Well, they don’t know me! I’m a competitive guy. This is me, resting after my first day walking after those six months. I am happy to be on my feet again. Six weeks later, I’m a lot stronger. I’m walking so fast up and down all the hallways at the home, the staff can’t keep up with me!
Donald D., veteran and post stroke, TBI & orthopedic survivor, Eugene OR
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The Second Step Gait Harness System is a solution to the problem of helping people safely learn to walk again after illness or injury.

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