This holiday time of year, we are particularly grateful to hear from clients sharing their experiences and successes using the Gait Harness System for Home Users (GHS).


Below is Lynn’s heart-warming update on her Korean War veteran dad. After using the GHS, dad is now independently walking again. Here’s his story:




I’m thrilled to say that my dad is walking very well…just uses a cane once in a while as a precaution…but doesn’t need it anymore! He had a miraculous recovery and amazes people every day! He’s even been climbing ladders and trimming trees at 87 years old now :).


I believe that the days he used your Second Step walker made him finally stand up on his own after not being able to stand for a year and 4 months. And he progressed from there to a walker to “freestyle” like the rest of us!


Thank you, God bless you, and it was THE BEST INVESTMENT I ever made! I’m so glad I took that risk and spent that money to try your product for dad!!!


  • Lynn J., daughter of brain surgery survivor, Brooklyn NY



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Wishing you and your the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.




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