COVID-19 update: Governor’s essential services and DIY face mask hacks


We hope everyone is staying home and healthy this week.

Here is our governor’s executive order regarding durable medical equipment manufacturers and distributors. According to:

Florida Executive Order 20-91 ESSENTIAL SERVICES LIST

“Manufacturer workers for health manufacturing, materials and parts suppliers, logistics and warehouse operators, distributors of medical equipment”

continue to be essential services.

This means Second Step staff is ready and willing to answer questions, accept orders, and return phone calls from anyone with questions on our standing and walking frame Products.

Just be patient with responses to your telephone inquiries, as our staff is working remotely during COVID-19. For speedier response, please email us at

It’s essential to stay safe and healthy if you must leave home.

Below are a couple easy ways to make do-it-yourself face masks at home, from items you very likely have around the house. If you have any trouble viewing these images, larger, clearer copies are posted on our FaceBook page.

No sew face mask

Sewn face mask

Ways to stay healthy are the same as always; focus on getting enough sleep, eat nutrient-rich foods, take time for yourself, stay connected to associates and loved ones, and be sure to do daily exercise, even inside the home.

If you or your loved one needs help safely standing and walking again to do home exercise, contact us for more information on the Gait Harness System for Home Users.

We are all in this together, so let’s stay attentive, healthy, and focused on our goals!


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