COVID-19 update: Requesting temporary forbearance on bills due to financial hardship

writing a check to pay bills

Are you struggling to pay bills?

Here are some tips on getting relief.

If you’ve been struggling to pay bills lately, you’re not alone. With millions experiencing economic hardship due to COVID‑19, many service providers are offering assistance.

Here’s a summary of what we found that some are offering:

  • Utility companies are waiving a range of fees, such as late payment fees and suspending disconnections due to non‑payment.
  • Phone carriers are waiving late fees and suspending disconnections. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you may receive additional call time or data usage. In some cases, data overage fees are waived. Some are not charging for calls to certain countries impacted by the pandemic.
  • Home and auto insurance companies are offering payment deferrals and fee waivers, while also suspending policy cancellations for non-payment.
  • Auto lenders are working with customers individually to discuss payment options. While interest would likely continue to accrue, you may be able to defer payments without incurring late fees, depending on the lender.

In addition:

  • Mortgage lenders may have a specific procedure for looking into financial hardship/temporary forbearance requests. Interest will continue to accure.
  • Credit card companies have set up procedures for requesting monthly, minimum payment temporary forbearance. Interest will continue to accrue. Some require you to call, others have online/messaging ability to request deferral after logging into your account.


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