After suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, Melinda walks on

Safe exercise and walking are very important for people working through post-stroke issues. Supported, safe exercise leads to a longer, healthier life and reduces the risk of falling.

Over ground walking is an effective means to regain greater independence of gait. Research confirms ambulation during the acute stroke phase with an over ground support system such as the Gait Harness System should be offered. As you see below, progress may be made both immediately and in the months and years to come.


After having a massive hemorrhagic stroke in June 2017,  Melinda was determined to get home and work on balance and walking recovery. Getting her to walk again at home after 8 months in rehab was a top priority. Melinda’s family understands that walking is crucial to her overall recovery, health, and prevention of having another stroke.

She was very determined to practice walking at home, but needed safe equipment to do so. The Second Step Gait Harness System  (GHS) allows her to walk at home with a single helper.

Woman starts walking with Gait Harness System walking frame

Melinda is up and safely supported in the Gait Harness System for Home Users

Her daughter says the first thing Melinda says every morning is, “Let’s get ready and go!”

The Gait Harness System is different from a walker as it has a built-in harness that supports Melinda as she stands, and catches her if she falls or loses balance.

Woman rests in Gait Harness System during physical therapy

Time for a break! Melinda comfortably rests during a therapy session

Her daughter shares “we have gotten her comfortable in this Cadillac of walkers. She is now much better at standing and we are at a point where she can practice every day!”

Woman walks with Second Step Gait Harness System

She’s off and walking! Melinda is safe and free to move with the Gait Harness System by Second Step

At Second Step, we care about your walking safety at home and beyond

The Second Step Gait Harness System is a results oriented, client-centered, clinically proven standing and walking frame. The GHS is more than a gait trainer, standing frame or walking frame. The System provides new opportunities to walk again, even for those who have not walked in years after suffering disabling illness, accident or injury.

The Second Step GHS is simple to use safely at home. Its combination of unique features ensure safe and proper support, positioning and balance for the client.  The GHS may be used with tele-health physical therapy programs.

If you or your loved one needs help safely standing and walking again to do home exercise, contact us for more information on the Gait Harness System for Home Users.


The Second Step Gait Harness System Solution 

Helping people safely learn to stand and walk again after illness or injury

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