Liz is back walking outside after traumatic brain injury and stroke

Exercise and walking are very important for people working through organic, anoxic or traumatic brain injuries. Physical activity is known to reduce risks for many diseases and premature death. Exercise also reduces the risk of falling.

People with brain injury (BI) commonly report problems with balance. When you have poor balance, you have a high risk of falling and having another brain injury or broken bone. Maintaining balance while sitting and standing is important for all our daily activities, including self-care and walking. Progress may be made over the months and years to come.


Liz was riding her bicycle when she was hit by a vehicle. As a result, she suffered a traumatic brain injury and has a history of intracerebral hemorrhage (hemorrhagic stroke resulting from accident trauma).

These days, Liz uses the Second Step Gait Harness System (GHS) at Grace Center for Adult Day Services in Corvallis, OR twice weekly.

Woman gets ready to use Gait Harness System outdoors

Get ready, get set, go! Liz is eager to walk again outside

The GHS provides an over ground, safe environment for Liz to be back up on her feet again. She’s delighted to have time up and out of her wheelchair. Liz particularly enjoys return to her favored hobbies in the beautiful outdoors, working in the garden, even feeding chickens.

Woman starting to walk with the Gait Harness System

Safe and secure in the Gait Harness System, Chase gets Liz ready for walking


While supported within the Gait Harness System, if Liz needs a rest break, she can simply remove weight from her feet. Removing her weight from her feet activates the user controlled weight front braking pegs on the GHS. This halts the System from moving. When Liz returns to a standing position, the weight activated brakes are released. This allows her to control her movements again.

Woman waters garden safely supported in Gait Harness System

Liz is able to water garden plants, safely standing in the Gait Harness System


The Second Step GHS allows Liz more time in the sun and fresh outdoor air, enjoying nature, standing and walking again and doing things she loves to do!


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At Second Step, we care about your walking safety at home and beyond

The Second Step Gait Harness System is a results oriented, client-centered, clinically proven, all-in-one standing and walking frame. The GHS is more than a typical gait trainer, standing frame or walking frame. The System provides new opportunities to walk again, even for those who have not walked in years after suffering disabling illness, accident or injury.

The Second Step GHS is simple to use safely at home. Its combination of unique features ensure safe and proper support, positioning and balance for the client.  The GHS may be used with telehealth physical therapy programs.

If you or your loved one needs help safely standing and walking again to do home exercise, contact us for more information on the Gait Harness System for Home Users.


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