Gait Harness System

Design Features & Benefits

Design Features & Benefits

Gait Harness System Design Features​

100% hand crafted by people, for people. 100% USA designed, manufactured and assembled.

 Open, streamlined frame design. The client is securely and comfortably centered in the patented U-shaped frame.

 The client may face open side, closed side, or sideways allowing for maximum freedom during all activities.

 Standard or Double Wide Forearm Support Top – Optional Hand Hold Set Accessory

 Client gently rests arms on forearm support top, reducing stress to forearm, wrist & hand

 Gait Harness connects to forearm support top via patented, horizontal suspension system

Home clients receive special-made, adjustable Gait Harness

Practitioners receive small, medium & large adult Gait Harness Set

The client is comfortably & securely supported in patented Gait Harness, with no groin impingement

 Can be used indoors and outdoors

 Accommodates wheelchair, scooter, mat table & bedside transfers

 Easy height adjustment, fitting clients up to 6’7” and up to 375 lbs

 High grade stainless steel construction

 Lifetime warranty against defect​

 Shipped fully assembled, ready for immediate use


 Multi-directional casters provide locked inline or free movement, encouraging effortless maneuverability and freedom for the patient.

 Locking braking casters engage for transfers and standing activities

 Automatic front braking system, controlled by client

 Removable, washable padding

 FDA registered

Gait Harness System Design Benefits

Proven to get healthy results & improve positive therapy outcomes

 Keeps everyone safe: Practitioners, Caregivers & Clients

Accommodates clients with a broad range of abilities, in a variety of settings, ranging from acute in-patient to home environments

Used in the clinic, and in the home, for therapy reinforcement to speed optimal client recovery

Allows client to perform standing or walking activities in a secure, effective environment

 Proven to get healthy results & improve positive therapy outcomes

Portable, gets clients back on their feet again in indoor and outdoor real world, over-ground surfaces

Reduces the number of “hands” required to support clients during transfer

Provides productive mobility, moving with the client

 Caregivers, practitioners & clients do not have to wrestle with awkward, heavy or resistant equipment

Clients have increased control, and easy maneuverability of System , with an obstruction-free view of the horizon

Bill S., husband of post stroke survivor, Waterville ME

We just started used the Gait Harness System ambulator 4 days this past week with my 88 year-old wife at her skilled nursing center. It is absolutely marvelous! The results have been very, very heartwarming.

Lillian J., daughter of post stroke survivor, Seattle WA

Getting mom to walk again after her massive hemorrhagic stroke last year is one our top priorities. Everyone knows that she was always on the go. The first thing she still says every morning is, “Let’s get ready and go!” She is eager to move about on her own! We know that walking practice every day is key. We have gotten her comfortable in this Cadillac of walkers. She is now much better at standing and we are at a point where she can practice every day!

Frank D., parent of brain aneurysm survivor, Paradise Valley AZ

We are still using the Second Step GHS 3 days a week (MWF) like clockwork. It’s been a long grind (6 years) but T. is still hanging in there. She can generally take about 20-25 steps at a time and usually we get about 3 sometimes 4 repetitions a day.

Gennifer H., Director of Rehab, LifeHOUSE San Diego, San Diego CA

Yay! We’ve unpacked it already, can’t wait to begin using it.

Kandice Kinney, ATC/R, NASM – CES, Director of Therapy, ADAPT Training, Beaverton OR

One of our clients has decided to bring their Second Step Gait Harness System to our facility and we have had the opportunity to use it—it is amazing!

Dennis Yeichi, OTR/L, Irvine CA

You are AWESOME! On behalf of J. and his mom, THANKS! J. continues to use the Second Step as part of his maintenance program. I have to say your product, after all these years, has required minimal costs to maintain! Thanks so much for such terrific customer support for your product! Better than Nordstrom’s!

Lisa Stevens, PT, Senior Physical Therapist, Brain and Spine Recovery Center, Brackenridge Hospital, Austin TX

The Second Step system allows earlier ambulation of stroke and other neurologically compromised patients by creating a virtually fall-free environment. While it may still take two or even three therapy staff in the most involved cases, initiating stepping as early as possible is critical to ultimately achieving functional gait. With the framework and the harness, I was able to move straight to standing and limited gait instead of being stuck in transfer training for the first day or two. It makes the process possible from the bedside, which allowed the staff members to work without a dedicated gym space when necessary.

Gabrielle M., Director of Rec. Services, Genesis HealthCare, Baltimore MD

I’ve worked as the director of recreation services for a skilled nursing facility for 25 years. I am very impressed with how you have designed a piece of equipment that both supports the patient and allows the patient to ambulate. You should be proud of yourselves.

Linda Horn, PT, NCS, Inpatient PT Coordinator, St. Agnes Healthcare, Baltimore MD

When properly secured in the GHS, the resident is completely supported, without need for caregiver assistance. Mobility activities can be performed relatively hands-free. The resident’s confidence is restored, which can be a huge barrier removed. The therapist is now able to fine-tune the resident’s mobility and address weakness and other gait deviations.

Ester Valazquez, MSPT, HealthSouth Rehabilitation, Tampa FL

In 5 years of on-again/off-again rehabilitation, one resident failed to develop independent ambulation to cover even short distances. With integrating the GHS into the treatment regimen, this resident made tremendous progress in independence, ambulating over 200-300 feet.

Second Step products are not designed to treat or cure any issue, condition or disease. Results vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with the treating doctor or health care provider regarding health-related questions, assessments, and recommendations, including addressing the client’s specific medical issues, limitations, or needs. Second Step manufactures custom merchandise. No refunds will be given on any order. All sales, leases, lease-to-owns and layaways are final.

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